While keeping the authentic signature of the Giulia GTA we reimagined its original silhouette by designing a Gran Turismo that stuns from every angle.

Starting from picking up one of the most iconic Italian cars of the 60’s & 70’s, the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA, we have created one of the most advanced restomods in the segment, developing the most performant Giulia GTA the world has ever seen.

The Giulia GTA was presented back in 1965 and in the following seven years obtained a long list of victories in racing which led this car to be considered nowadays as a legend in the automotive world.


The design

Totem GT Series has been reshaped in forms and materials for creating a carbon-fibre supercar with a smooth and timeless line. The formal research behind the details of Totem GT Super and GT Electric will give continuity to a legend of the past by applying some of the original features into the new styling cue signed by Totem.

Starting from the development of high precision milling molds, all the external body has been reconstructed entirely in carbon-fibre, in order to make the car as light as possible, but also to obtain a perfectly smooth surface. It’s beautiful.

50 kg


A futuristic project

The goal of Totem isn’t just to bring the latest restomod in the market. Our mission is redesigning from scratch a car which remembers the spirit of the ’60s by giving a new life to a silhouette coming from the golden-era of racing, emerging as a world-wide reference point in the fields of high-end automotive engineering.


The iconic soul

The design research carried out by Totem preserves the original soul of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA while standing out for the excellent craftsmanship and manufacturing processes behind the development of each single component: even those ones you’ll never see.

The Totem GT Series runs the road of the future by mixing an incomparable legacy in the automotive history with the advanced technology of nowadays.

Starting from a small part of the original steel chassis, Totem has designed a carbon-fibre monocoque coupled with high-resistance steel frames on the front/rear ends of the vehicle. An all-new double-wishbone aluminum suspensions scheme has been specifically designed by R53 for our GTs and we deleted the old-fashioned petrol engine of the donor car. Now under the bonnet you’ll find greener powertrains which are able to keep the pace of the latest sport cars.

Totem GT Electric, as you might know, is the electric version of Totem’s lineup and it has been conceived to preserve the thrilling driving experience of a classic beauty while being more friendly with the environment. How can an electric car be this engaging? We developed an all-new electric driving experience which simulates a traditional petrol-powered engine and gearbox and yes, it sounds good too. 

We’re Italians though, and our hearts still beat for those screaming motors that we’ve been growing up with when kids.
This is why Totem GT Super was born: we just did it, and our homage to the golden decades of motorsports couldn’t be just a regular, oversized motor. Thanks to the support of our Partner Italtecnica Engineering, Totem has developed “Gloria”, the most compact and light-weight Twin-turbo V6 engine in the world which, thanks to the implementation of solutions coming from the world of F1, develops 600HP stock, manageable through a 6 speed manual transaxle gearbox. Glorious as its name implies.


The original structure, rethought

The conversion process starts from picking up our beloved classic Alfa Romeo Giulia GT Junior 1300/1600, built between 1970 and 1975. 

Then the original Alfa is totally disassembled, stripped and unmounted for reaching the part which interests us the most: the “bulkhead”.

The whole magic happens in this moment, when there’s the marriage between the Totem carbon-fibre monocoque with the original bulkhead of the Alfa.

The result is a light-weight and superstiff weapon able not only to make your friends to bite the dust on track but also to reach the most recent standards in terms of safety: the shell complies with the latest EU and US regulations.

At the front axle we designed a new double-wishbones suspensions scheme from billet aluminium that at the rear includes the fifth arm: a high-performing solution.

All of this is topped with high-resistance frames on both the axles, made with 25CrMo4 alloyed steel and developed specifically by our engineers for Totem GTSeries. These are extremely sturdy frames where the chassis tubes are welded with CNC machined steel blocks for reaching maximum precision in manufacturing and excellent mechanical strength.


The front & rear ends

The front and rear ends of Totem GT Series have been redesigned to give a specific identity to the car while remaining faithful to its original shapes. Our aim has always been to enhance the emotional driving experience behind such an iconic design: the Totem GTs stand out for their contemporary character staying true to the original personality of such a legendary Gran Turismo.


The front end

At the front end we evoked the competitive fame of the Giulia GTa making it 280mm wider, developing dedicated headlights machined from billet aluminium and equipped with LED technology.

In the middle of the carbon-fibre front grille there’s still the unmistakable Alfa Romeo “Trilobo”: such a badge is just untouchable.

However, the design of the “Trilobo” has been slightly revised through CNC techniques for making it to get along perfectly with the whole design of the vehicle. 


The rear

The rear end has been completely redesigned to provide an elegant curvy shape. Here you can see an all new couple of dedicated LED taillights and two large carbon-fibre extractors based on aerodynamic studies of the whole coefficient.


Custom paint-to-sample (PTS) colours

There’s nothing we do love more than creating and experimenting.
The exterior color of every vehicle that will roll out from our factory will reflect the spirit of each customer, who will have the chance to throw himself into a never-ending customization process conceived to have no limits. Furthermore the vehicle is going to be polished with a ceramic detailing treatment after the main varnishing process in order to protect the paint, forever



In contrast with the PTS colour of each Totem GT, we can work on an endless palette of options with regards to the exterior trim as well as to the finish of the galvanic parts. The exterior trim can be chrome, matte or satin (or why don’t we create something never did before?)