Totem GT Electric

Electric driving, re-invented

The new, electrifying life of an Italian icon: Totem GT Electric is our vision of the modern environment-friendly Gran Turismo.

The study of a unique design and the obsessive attention to detail are mixed with a technological soul coming inspired to the electric interpretation of the high-end mobility of nowadays.

An exceptional driving experience projected to the future.


Design meets performance

While being faithful to the classic soul of the Giulia, Totem combined a legendary design with the performance of an all-new electric powertrain engineered for those thinking that electric means boring. Now it’s not.


It drives electric, it sounds mega

The concept standing behind Totem GT Electric is to simulate a traditional and immersive driving experience while still being environment friendly. 

The vehicle simulates the behavior of a conventional petrol-powered car: engine-sound, gear shifting, engine-brake, engine-vibrations are all features that usually don’t belong to electric cars. Until now.

Thanks to the fusion of gaming technology and ICE calibration, Totem GT Electric won’t make you to regret the choice of driving electric. Inside the cockpit there’s a gear lever selector digitally connected to the controller and developed to provide the same mechanical bound of a conventional sports car.

It’s easy to interact with it: switch between different types of engine-sounds and maps, select your favorite parameters and then just drive.
An unlimited portfolio of sounds and tones for building your own experience, and if you’re wondering: yes we can customize them too.









Type of engine, sound, torque delivery, power band, number of gears, gear ratios, rev limiter are all customizable elements for your intimate driving moment.

Play the sound

A traditional engine, but all electric

Have you ever wondered about the pros of an emulated engine? Well, the software will manage in real time the optimal gear based on the scenario and on your driving style.
Get to the limiter for driving fast on the track or take it easy for enjoying the panorama at a low gear. There’s the silent mode too: you don’t want to wake up the neighbors, do you?

Launch control

The software controls the acceleration from a standing start accordingly with the engine specifications you went for. Totem GT Electric will accelerate smoothly – but still as fast as possible – with the maximum grip for ensuring the best standing start procedure of the whole history of Giulia.

Drift Engine Braking

Use the emulated engine braking in downshift to start a drift.
The software will manage the regenerative braking in order to reproduce the engine inertia and increase the Rpm during the downshift. The behavior is completely customizable by  the driver.


The electric motor has 1.100Nm of torque and it accelerates Totem GT electric from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 3s.
We implemented the "GAVV" system, an electronic power control conceived for managing the power of the electric motor through 4 different efficiency settings: G (Gentile), A (Adagio), V (Vivace) and V (Veloce). It's like playing the Piano.

The electric power-unit has an integrated inverter with limited slip differential (LSD) and runs up to 400Volts and 1000Amps. 
The brain of the car is managed by a custom AEM Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) with OEM quality standards, and by a 8-channels PDU for the CAN-bus control.

Battery pack

The Battery Pack of Totem GT Electric consists of 12 modular cells homologated UN38.3, reaching a capacity of 81kWh and a best-in-class weight of only 352kg thanks to the implementation of a honeycomb Aluminum case.

The high-voltage wiring system connects all the different components through one of the most compact and refined HV Junction Boxes ever designed.

You can charge Totem GT Electric at home in AC charging mode with the On-Board-Charger - single phase - up to 6.6 kW, and in DC fast-charging mode up to 90kW on the CCS type2 plug. 
With a full charge you will be able to drive Totem GT Electric for about 400-500 km at a standard pace.


Technical specifications

The new Totem GT Electric now offers you the perfect opportunity to personalize your car.

Electric motor & performance


more than 500HP


1.100 Nm

0 to 100 km/h



Automatic / sequential

Max speed

electronically limited to 255 km/h - 158 mph

Range on a full charge

400km up to 500km

Battery pack


81 KWh


352 kg

Charger and charging time

Fast charging DC 90 KWh (0-80% 15 min | Complete charging 1h 15min)
On-board charger single phase 6,7 KWh 16A (9h 30 min or a complete recharge)

Available plug type 1 for US, type 2 for EU and chademo for Asia

Dimensions and Weights


4.274,5 mm


1.859 mm

Width (with side mirrors open)

1.845 mm


1.316 mm


2.500 mm

Turning circle diameter

13 m

Curb weight

1.300 kg - 2866 lb



2 seats with wide full carbon-fibre body Body panels: carbon-fibre


Carbon-fibre reinforced with aramid fibre (safety)



Carbon-fibre monocoque merged with donor car's chassis parts 
+ high-resistance steel front & rear chassis

Front axle

Billet aluminium Totem double wishbone suspensions + R53 dampers

Rear axle

Billet aluminium Totem double wishbone suspensions + R53 dampers


Rear luggage compartment volume




4-pistons aluminium monobloc fixed calipers with with 345x28mm cross-drilled and internally vented brake discs (355x28 Brembo GT-R 6 pistons billet aluminium brakes optional)


Brembo 4-pistons aluminium monobloc fixed calipers with with 328x28mm cross-drilled and internally vented brake discs (345x28 Brembo GT-R 4 pistons billet aluminium brakes optional)

Parking brake

Mechanic parking brake


Bosch Motorsport M5, Function switch with 12 pre-programmed positions



Rear wheel drive (RWD)

Power steering

Electric power-assisted steering system

Electric engine map - "GAVV" system

4 different driving modes G (Gentile), A (Adagio), V (Vivace), V (Veloce)

Wheels and Tires


Billet aluminium mono-block alloy wheel, 18", "GTA"/"Millerighe"


Pirelli P Zero (Standard), Pirelli Trofeo R (optional)

Lighting and Visibility


LED headlights incl. daytime running lights, LED auxiliary light units in the front end with position lights, LED side turn signals in the front end

Side lights

LED side turn signals on the sides

Tail lights

LED tail-lights in the back end with position lights, LED side turn signals in the back end, LED third-brake light in the back end

Side mirrors

Electric side mirrors (chrome/satin/matte) Wipers: 3-speed electric wipers on the front windshield


Keyless drive

Electronic keyless-drive system


Electric windows

Audio & Communication


Vintage look infotainment, 3.5 inch screen feat. Google Maps, DAB+, bluetooth, USB

Audio system

Hi-fi "Audio Development" - 2 door speakers (woofer & mid-woofer) Ø 165mm, 60W + 2 twitters on A Pillars