The interior room of the Totem GT Series has been totally revised in its dimensions and shapes. We started from doing a complete a 3D scan of the latest Alfa Romeo Giulia QV’s interior so as to obtain a comfortable and spacious cockpit.

Now there’s enough space for letting you, your trustful copilot and weekenders to dive yourselves into a dramatic driving experience inspired to the past with ergonomics coming from the future. You’ll never want to leave those seats. Oh, you can go to play golf too.

Totem Super GT-22


Our motto: keep it simple

At Totem bespoke interiors and refined materials are just our starting points. It’s a symphony of carbon-fibre and billet aluminium.

The dashboard of the Totem GTs is as plain as it should be. While designing the interior we wanted to keep it simple for letting the driver to be under the spotlight of the whole  journey: the focus is the road.

The dashboard features two analog gauges (a rare commodity around here) which are encapsulated in PTS (paint-to-sample) covers designed with a classic round shape matching the three air vents. Is there a simpler way to recall the sporty and vintage character of the Alfa Giulia GT?

The interior has ben equipped with modern yet elementary adaptations though: a sophisticated antitheft system, electric windows, air conditioning and a keyless-go ignition system.


This is an orchestra

Totem GTs feature a vintage style infotainment system featuring a 3.5″ display. But there’s much more behind aesthetics. The fortunate few who will have the chance to drive these vehicles will enjoy one of the best automotive Hi-fi in the world.

It’s an exceptional system crafted appositely in Italy by “Audio Development” for the Totem GT Series.
You won’t regret missing the Opera anymore.


Tailor-made interior

The concept behind the bespoke interior of Totem was to design them from scratch as they were a Neapolitan tailored suit. This approach is extended to all the details around the car in order to let our customers to build the vehicle they’ve always been dreaming of.
The “Montecarlo” racing seats are molded according to the shape of your body, while the position of the car’s pedals and of the steering wheel is adjusted accordingly to your height.
That’s incredible.

At Totem nothing is left to chance.


Gentile, Adagio, Vivace, Veloce

Driving a Totem GT is like playing the piano: follow the inner rythm of the road and dive yourself into a dramatic driving experience. It’s not about driving fast, it’s all about emotions.

Gentile, Adagio, Vivace and Veloce are the 4 GAVV’s driving modes developed for taming Gloria, the futuristic V6 under the bonnet. Let it be your best friend, everyday.


The Sabelt x Totem seats

Sabelt has no rival in mixing high performance materials with light weight components. The combination of technical fabrics with top quality leathers and custom carbon fibre textures is a formula dedicated to an advanced and high demanding driver, who’s both elegant and sports oriented. An extraordinary example of lightness and innovation Made in Italy.

Sabelt’s know how mixed with the Italian craftsmanship of Totem is a combination that has no rival. Totem offers its customers the chance to design from scratch their seats, by letting them to choose and customise each little detail through a limitless range of possibilities and technical solutions.


A carbon-fibre trim and the softest leather of them all

Italian craftsmanship and timeless design are two key elements of Totem Automobili. Special bespoke leathers and fabrics, custom stitching and embroidery are just some of the details through which our customers can build their own driving experience.

No need to sat that seating inside a Totem GT will make you to feel special. There’s a magnificent leather interior surrounded by carbon-fibre which looks mega, and when it gets to the touch the leather it’s just wow!

Starting from 45 different leather colors, three different leather packs, and bespoke fabrics for the interior trim, the cockpit can be personalized in endless possibilities. If you think that 45 isn’t enough though, Totem goes beyond every limit by giving you the chance to design it from scratch.

On the top of this, we’ve partnered with Amedeo Testoni to create “Testoni x Totem”, a collection of accessories encapsulating the essence of the Italian automotive legacy. Moreover, through the Testoni Pack your Totem we’ll be dressed to the nines: weekenders and driving gloves matching the interior specification of this magnificent time-machine.

Italian craftsmanship at its finest.


Hellebore by Totem Design

The cherry on the top is Totem’s range of steering wheels. Starting from a selection crafted by Momo (Grand Prix, California, Indy and Prototipo), for our top-of-the-line we  couldn’t resist to restore an original Hellebore, and we think it looks beautiful.